1st Birthday!!

So the boys first birthday has come and gone. And I’m a little sad. My boys are 1 – where has the year gone? I swear days drag and drag, particularly lately, but a year has already past and my little babies have grown into little men. I want my year back!!

The morning of their birthday was so stressful. My husbands parents came over early to help but my husband underestimated how long it would take to put this swing set together so I got no help doing everything that needed to be done. I got snapped at alot and had no choice but to just try and get on with all that needed to be done. Thankfully by the time guests started to arrive we were prepared for the first party (a small party with just a few friends their age so they could all play together) and my parents in law cleaned up outside for us in preperation for our second bigger party. The babies all played together really well and I got to sit and chat with my mummy friends which was really nice. All the hubbies met finally which was great and I am planning to organise some more bbqs where we can have a couple of people over and the boys can chat, the kids can play and the mums can swap stories!

The second party started after the first had ended and the timing worked out really well. We had our families and our friends arriving over a couple of hours which worked out really well as I was able to spend a bit of time with everyone and the kids got passed around. It was really a lovely day and although I did pick up my camera a few times I spent the majoritiy of my time chatting, so instead of feeling stressed all day I managed to relax and just enjoy which was great. We had a number of slightly older kids (2-4 year olds) come who had a ball playing with the boys toys and outside on the new swing set. It was so nice to see kids running around playing, and my boys love other kids so watching them run around made my two laugh and laugh.

After most of the guests left the boys opened a couple of presents but it was all a bit much for them. So when everyone had left it was a quick shower (they were filthy from playing outside) and off to bed. Yesterday morning we had the fun of opening the mountain of presents they received. They boys were so spoilt!! And I felt so blessed that we have so many people that care about them and were so generous. They got a few toys (they don’t need any more after what they got for christmas!!), some lovely clothes, books (which we never say no to, I love getting books!), a table and chairs and lots of other bits and pieces. I was suprised that we actually only got a couple of things that we already have.

So all in all the boys had a great birthday. It was simple and casual but it was fun. I know that mums get really competitive with parties and presents but honestly we can’t afford much (I made alot of the decorations myself and got balloons off ebay) and I’m going to try very hard not to get caught up in all that in the future. So for now it is back to normal life and enjoying my gorgeous boys. I will be seeing my inlaws later today so I will post some photos over the next few days 🙂


Birthday preparations

It’s been very busy in my house over the last few days as we prepare for the boys 1st birthday. I have tried very hard not to go over board and as I said previously I am not making much. This morning my husband and I decorated the house and I must say its looking good! Tomorrow we will inflate all the balloons with a helium tank we bought, and my father in law will come over early to help my husband put together a huge swing set the boys are getting. They got baby swings for christmas from my parents in law so we will just be switching over the swings for now. I’m looking forward to jumping on the see-saw with them and seeing their faces. They love to go to the park but I admit I don’t take them often enough. It’s really hard with twins as I need to be able to hold both of them at the same time. Hopefully over the next few months they’ll become steady on their feet and it will be easier for me to have fun with them at parks and playgrounds.

In saying that though I am worried about once they start independently walking. Everyone is really giving me a hard time about it and although I just brush it aside and say it will be fine, I’m actually quite worried. I’ve always said that I had the harnesses parents put on their children and although I can understand it that I would never use one of my kids. And people are making me feel like I have to use them. I would really prefer to teach my boys that they need to walk with mummy. I know they are going to get distracted and run off to something exciting every now and then (hopefully not all the time) and I will have to chase them but I’m wondering if its better to do that or to put them in a harness.

It’s something I think I will need to talk more about with other mums and dads who have twins. Thankfully I am part of a wonderful organisation called AMBA (Australian Multiple Birth Association) and regularly participate in their facebook discussions allowing me to connect with parents in similar situations all over the country. It has become a life saver to me and I have made some great friends and learnt alot through volunteering for them. I think that being part of a community is important, whether it be local or online. People need to communicate and support one another, and I think that becomes even more important when you are a stay at home parent with twins or more! It can be very lonely and tiring at times but it can also be very rewarding. I feel very lucky to have seen my boys first time rolling and crawling and hopefully soon their first steps. Although I have recorded them for my husband he does still feel like he missed out. Time when your kids are small is something you can never get back. So I am going to enjoy their first birthday tomorrow and have someone else take all the photos so that I can be there for every moment. They will only be 1 once.

Birthday planning

My gorgeous twin boys are turning 1 this weekend and although I am excited I am also extremely stressed! It seems like everytime we have an event it brings out the worst in my husband and I as a couple. Christmas was the worst. We fought alot and all from the stress of trying to having this ‘perfect’ day for our kids. And the stupid thing is our kids are too small to even remember it!

So today it started. And I knew I was doing it – getting angry and upset over something little – but I just got so annoyed that I yelled. And the fact that my ankle is still so sore only made it worse. The only good part was that today was hubby’s day off so I took the opportunity to go and have a late afternoon nap. I felt better when I got up but now as I sit here after a very late dinner I can feel the stress sinking in as I think about just how much I have to get done over the next few days.

I have decided that I am not going all out this time with the cooking. I love to cook and bake and its probably one of the reasons my husband married me! But its really difficult preparing and baking a whole range of yummy goodies with two little men constantly wanting mummies attention, and by the time they go to bed I honestly can not be bothered doing much. So I’ve got a few cakes to do and thats it. Which is not much for me!! The rest will be fruit platters, sausage rolls, partie pies, pizzas and bbq, which I hope to prepare the day before. And of course fairie bread!!

Unfortunately now hubby is working every afternoon until the boys birthday so I either need to get really organised and have him help me in the mornings or try and do it in the evenings. Which I don’t think is going to work considering we’ve got a massive swing set to put together and my backyard is still looking like a construction site. Ho hum.

I know the boys won’t remember their birthday but I will.

My babies!

Can I just say that I love love love my twin boys!

2012-12-30 14.15.57

Its amazing how much joy they bring me on a daily basis. They turn one this weekend and I am super excited and having been planning their party for over a month.

I’d love to know where the last year has gone. It seems like just last week that I was pregnant and feeling very over it!! Next thing I knew they were born and now here we are, one year later and my life has changed so much.

Social mums say


So as I said on Saturday I attended ‘Social Mums Say’ an event for social mums and their families, hosted by Kids Business.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the day but I was really impressed with the brands.

Yesterday I managed to go through all my samples and was just amazed at the generosity of the companies.

Philadelphia had several desserts for us to try and I must say they were delicious.  They also provided us with samples of cream cheese and frosting, a wonderful cookbook (which I am so excited to start using!!), Cadbury cooking chocolate and cocoa.  I never realised that Philadelphia had partnered with Cadbury to create this series of cookbooks and when I flicked through it last night all the receipes look so yummy!!

McCormick put on an amazing spread for lunch using a range of their products.  I’ve always looked at their products and thought wow that looks great but I wonder how it tastes, and now I know.  And I must say YUM!  My favourite was their honey & soy marinade in a bag.  I got lots of samples to bring home and my pantry is now fully stocked with McCormick items which we can’t wait to try.  We headed out to the shops yesterday and bought some chicken wings to try out the Honey & Soy marinade and some ribs to try out the Sticky BBQ marinade on our BBQ this weekend for our Australia Day party!!

We stopped by Cleansui, who have a water filter.  And yes I was sceptical!  I have a water filtration unit that sits on my kitchen bench and we use it constantly so I just thought, yeah I’ve seen all this before.  But I asked them to tell me about their product and they were able to provide me with a demonstration, which left me very impressed!  They compared an average water filter to Cleansui and there was a noticeable difference.  I wondered whether there would be a real difference when I got home and I got a chance to test this yesterday as I won a jug at the event.  So I poured some water out of our normal filtration unit into this jug and waited for it to work.  A few minutes later I sat a glass of water from each unit side by side and I didn’t think it was possible but the water looked even clearer.  I think the major difference is the microfibre which also removes bacteria, that I haven’t seen any other unit do.  So I’m a convert!

We also stopped off and saw Dyson.  Now I don’t own a Dyson because to be honest I can’t afford it!  But I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and now I want a Dyson!!!!  They were showing off their new DC35 which is a slim cordless version and I must say I am in love!!!  It can be used as a standard vacuum or as a handheld to do the couch.  As its cordless you just stick it on the docking station to charge.  You get 20mins of use, which is pretty much the longest I vacuum for at a time with the twins crawling around.  I really want one but my chances are pretty slim unless we win tattslotto (but that would require buying a ticket which is not in my budget!!).  I will just dream about it instead.  In the meantime the kids got a Dyson play vacuum each so I can get them enjoying cleaning early!  hehe

Micador was the major sponsor of the event and can I just say wow!  I never realised how big a range they had.  I’ve heard of them before but usually when I look at the shops I see this huge Crayola range and not much else.  And as great as Crayola is, I am now in love with Micador!!!  They have sooooooooooo many products.  There is an early start range which is perfect for my little ones, with dough, crayons, art paper and so many more items I can’t think of.  And that is just one of the five fabulous ranges that I saw on the day.  My personal favourite was Collected & Co, which is a range of stationery that is basically plain, which you can then personalise with a huge range of stickers.  It’s great for parents and kids and I can’t wait to head to Big W to get a few items from the range to organise my home office.


The last company that I loved was Hallmark.  And I mean loved!!  They have this new range of encouragement cards and lunch box notes that are amazing.  When I was little my mum would occasionally leave me a note in my lunch box when I was having a particularly hard time at school and I still have some of them.  I can’t wait to be able to do this for my own kids and this new range makes it super easy.  It means I can reinforce to my kids that I am always with them and thinking of them.

 20120912-080000        lunch-box-confidence-from-Hallmark-

What a day!

So today I was a lucky attendee at ‘Social Mums Say,’ an event for social mums and their families.  It was a busy but great day.  There were lots of products to sample, including a marvellous lunch spread provided by McCormick, and yummy desserts provided by Philadelphia.  The boys scored some Dyson toy vaccuums and I won a water filter jug from Cleansui.  It was lovely to chat to all the brands, see their latest products and met Jo Stanley (the host of the day).  Hopefully they will do another event like this in the future and I will be able to score another invitation.

After all the fun, we all went for a walk around the city which always brings back a lot of memories for me.  Before I had kids, and before I got married I worked in the city everyday and I loved it.  It was a great time in my life and every so often I do miss it.  What I don’t miss is all the rude people who can see you coming and walk or stop right in your way.  It drives me nuts.  I have a double pram, it is by no means small, which means that it can be hard to manevoure around, particularly on busy streets!  Despite all that I enjoyed the walk, but what I loved even more was my first real family dinner. 

We haven’t avoided taking the boys out to dinner, it’s just a matter of time and money.  Reaslistically a meal out is way out of the budget but sometimes you just need that nice thing to keep you going.  So we went to Wagamamas and I was very impressed.  We went early while it was quiet and the boys got their own meals (which were huge) for free with our meals.  They happily ate theirs and were relatively quiet while we ate ours.  Win win!

Then we headed back down to the Yarra river, chose a nice grassy spot and sat and watched the boys play.  It was a lovely family moment.  They’re still too young to do much but watching them crawl around and be fascinated by everything and then stop, look at each other and laugh, its just magical.  It was the highlight of my day and the thing that I love most about having twins.


It’s been 5 days since my fall and my foot was finally starting to feel better which is great news as we have so much on over the next 2 weeks that I need to be able to just get up and go. I won’t be running around like a mad person as I normally do but I will be moving a bit more normally which is a relief. As I said it was starting to feel better! I’ve had a bit on the last 2 days and all the time up on my feet has meant last night and tonight my ankle has blown up.

I really enjoyed my day out yesterday and today, catching up with some friends and taking the boys out for some fun. I’m looking forward to some more of our upcoming events for a few reasons – first and foremost, to see the smiles on my kids faces and hear them laugh, which they are bound to do lots over the next fortnight, secondly to spend some time with those that mean the most to me, my family and friends, and lastly to just get out and about! I do find it difficult to get out with my twins. I know lots of mums do it and have encouraged me to just get out but after some bad experiences with peoples cruel comments and the twins screaming places down for no reason I don’t go out as much as I could by myself. I also prefer to go out as a family. I miss my husband when hes at work, which sounds completely stupid as I am one of the most independent people around and when he’s home we tend to argue! But since I had the twins I just have that family need. We don’t live that far away from both our families (less than 90mins) but to my inlaws that is a world away so we always have to go to them. It can be a pain and I don’t do it as much now as I did a few months ago. My husband is home with us every morning which is great but also means that he works afternoons/evenings and misses most of the twins awake time and of course the witching hour and bedtime routine. I’ve heard lots of people say you get used to it, but honestly thats a lie, you don’t get used to it, you just do it because you have to.

So I am going to go to sleep tonight thinking about what a fun time my kids had today and get excited about all that we have coming up!