It’s been 5 days since my fall and my foot was finally starting to feel better which is great news as we have so much on over the next 2 weeks that I need to be able to just get up and go. I won’t be running around like a mad person as I normally do but I will be moving a bit more normally which is a relief. As I said it was starting to feel better! I’ve had a bit on the last 2 days and all the time up on my feet has meant last night and tonight my ankle has blown up.

I really enjoyed my day out yesterday and today, catching up with some friends and taking the boys out for some fun. I’m looking forward to some more of our upcoming events for a few reasons – first and foremost, to see the smiles on my kids faces and hear them laugh, which they are bound to do lots over the next fortnight, secondly to spend some time with those that mean the most to me, my family and friends, and lastly to just get out and about! I do find it difficult to get out with my twins. I know lots of mums do it and have encouraged me to just get out but after some bad experiences with peoples cruel comments and the twins screaming places down for no reason I don’t go out as much as I could by myself. I also prefer to go out as a family. I miss my husband when hes at work, which sounds completely stupid as I am one of the most independent people around and when he’s home we tend to argue! But since I had the twins I just have that family need. We don’t live that far away from both our families (less than 90mins) but to my inlaws that is a world away so we always have to go to them. It can be a pain and I don’t do it as much now as I did a few months ago. My husband is home with us every morning which is great but also means that he works afternoons/evenings and misses most of the twins awake time and of course the witching hour and bedtime routine. I’ve heard lots of people say you get used to it, but honestly thats a lie, you don’t get used to it, you just do it because you have to.

So I am going to go to sleep tonight thinking about what a fun time my kids had today and get excited about all that we have coming up!


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