What a day!

So today I was a lucky attendee at ‘Social Mums Say,’ an event for social mums and their families.  It was a busy but great day.  There were lots of products to sample, including a marvellous lunch spread provided by McCormick, and yummy desserts provided by Philadelphia.  The boys scored some Dyson toy vaccuums and I won a water filter jug from Cleansui.  It was lovely to chat to all the brands, see their latest products and met Jo Stanley (the host of the day).  Hopefully they will do another event like this in the future and I will be able to score another invitation.

After all the fun, we all went for a walk around the city which always brings back a lot of memories for me.  Before I had kids, and before I got married I worked in the city everyday and I loved it.  It was a great time in my life and every so often I do miss it.  What I don’t miss is all the rude people who can see you coming and walk or stop right in your way.  It drives me nuts.  I have a double pram, it is by no means small, which means that it can be hard to manevoure around, particularly on busy streets!  Despite all that I enjoyed the walk, but what I loved even more was my first real family dinner. 

We haven’t avoided taking the boys out to dinner, it’s just a matter of time and money.  Reaslistically a meal out is way out of the budget but sometimes you just need that nice thing to keep you going.  So we went to Wagamamas and I was very impressed.  We went early while it was quiet and the boys got their own meals (which were huge) for free with our meals.  They happily ate theirs and were relatively quiet while we ate ours.  Win win!

Then we headed back down to the Yarra river, chose a nice grassy spot and sat and watched the boys play.  It was a lovely family moment.  They’re still too young to do much but watching them crawl around and be fascinated by everything and then stop, look at each other and laugh, its just magical.  It was the highlight of my day and the thing that I love most about having twins.


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