Social mums say


So as I said on Saturday I attended ‘Social Mums Say’ an event for social mums and their families, hosted by Kids Business.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the day but I was really impressed with the brands.

Yesterday I managed to go through all my samples and was just amazed at the generosity of the companies.

Philadelphia had several desserts for us to try and I must say they were delicious.  They also provided us with samples of cream cheese and frosting, a wonderful cookbook (which I am so excited to start using!!), Cadbury cooking chocolate and cocoa.  I never realised that Philadelphia had partnered with Cadbury to create this series of cookbooks and when I flicked through it last night all the receipes look so yummy!!

McCormick put on an amazing spread for lunch using a range of their products.  I’ve always looked at their products and thought wow that looks great but I wonder how it tastes, and now I know.  And I must say YUM!  My favourite was their honey & soy marinade in a bag.  I got lots of samples to bring home and my pantry is now fully stocked with McCormick items which we can’t wait to try.  We headed out to the shops yesterday and bought some chicken wings to try out the Honey & Soy marinade and some ribs to try out the Sticky BBQ marinade on our BBQ this weekend for our Australia Day party!!

We stopped by Cleansui, who have a water filter.  And yes I was sceptical!  I have a water filtration unit that sits on my kitchen bench and we use it constantly so I just thought, yeah I’ve seen all this before.  But I asked them to tell me about their product and they were able to provide me with a demonstration, which left me very impressed!  They compared an average water filter to Cleansui and there was a noticeable difference.  I wondered whether there would be a real difference when I got home and I got a chance to test this yesterday as I won a jug at the event.  So I poured some water out of our normal filtration unit into this jug and waited for it to work.  A few minutes later I sat a glass of water from each unit side by side and I didn’t think it was possible but the water looked even clearer.  I think the major difference is the microfibre which also removes bacteria, that I haven’t seen any other unit do.  So I’m a convert!

We also stopped off and saw Dyson.  Now I don’t own a Dyson because to be honest I can’t afford it!  But I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and now I want a Dyson!!!!  They were showing off their new DC35 which is a slim cordless version and I must say I am in love!!!  It can be used as a standard vacuum or as a handheld to do the couch.  As its cordless you just stick it on the docking station to charge.  You get 20mins of use, which is pretty much the longest I vacuum for at a time with the twins crawling around.  I really want one but my chances are pretty slim unless we win tattslotto (but that would require buying a ticket which is not in my budget!!).  I will just dream about it instead.  In the meantime the kids got a Dyson play vacuum each so I can get them enjoying cleaning early!  hehe

Micador was the major sponsor of the event and can I just say wow!  I never realised how big a range they had.  I’ve heard of them before but usually when I look at the shops I see this huge Crayola range and not much else.  And as great as Crayola is, I am now in love with Micador!!!  They have sooooooooooo many products.  There is an early start range which is perfect for my little ones, with dough, crayons, art paper and so many more items I can’t think of.  And that is just one of the five fabulous ranges that I saw on the day.  My personal favourite was Collected & Co, which is a range of stationery that is basically plain, which you can then personalise with a huge range of stickers.  It’s great for parents and kids and I can’t wait to head to Big W to get a few items from the range to organise my home office.


The last company that I loved was Hallmark.  And I mean loved!!  They have this new range of encouragement cards and lunch box notes that are amazing.  When I was little my mum would occasionally leave me a note in my lunch box when I was having a particularly hard time at school and I still have some of them.  I can’t wait to be able to do this for my own kids and this new range makes it super easy.  It means I can reinforce to my kids that I am always with them and thinking of them.

 20120912-080000        lunch-box-confidence-from-Hallmark-


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