Birthday planning

My gorgeous twin boys are turning 1 this weekend and although I am excited I am also extremely stressed! It seems like everytime we have an event it brings out the worst in my husband and I as a couple. Christmas was the worst. We fought alot and all from the stress of trying to having this ‘perfect’ day for our kids. And the stupid thing is our kids are too small to even remember it!

So today it started. And I knew I was doing it – getting angry and upset over something little – but I just got so annoyed that I yelled. And the fact that my ankle is still so sore only made it worse. The only good part was that today was hubby’s day off so I took the opportunity to go and have a late afternoon nap. I felt better when I got up but now as I sit here after a very late dinner I can feel the stress sinking in as I think about just how much I have to get done over the next few days.

I have decided that I am not going all out this time with the cooking. I love to cook and bake and its probably one of the reasons my husband married me! But its really difficult preparing and baking a whole range of yummy goodies with two little men constantly wanting mummies attention, and by the time they go to bed I honestly can not be bothered doing much. So I’ve got a few cakes to do and thats it. Which is not much for me!! The rest will be fruit platters, sausage rolls, partie pies, pizzas and bbq, which I hope to prepare the day before. And of course fairie bread!!

Unfortunately now hubby is working every afternoon until the boys birthday so I either need to get really organised and have him help me in the mornings or try and do it in the evenings. Which I don’t think is going to work considering we’ve got a massive swing set to put together and my backyard is still looking like a construction site. Ho hum.

I know the boys won’t remember their birthday but I will.


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