Birthday preparations

It’s been very busy in my house over the last few days as we prepare for the boys 1st birthday. I have tried very hard not to go over board and as I said previously I am not making much. This morning my husband and I decorated the house and I must say its looking good! Tomorrow we will inflate all the balloons with a helium tank we bought, and my father in law will come over early to help my husband put together a huge swing set the boys are getting. They got baby swings for christmas from my parents in law so we will just be switching over the swings for now. I’m looking forward to jumping on the see-saw with them and seeing their faces. They love to go to the park but I admit I don’t take them often enough. It’s really hard with twins as I need to be able to hold both of them at the same time. Hopefully over the next few months they’ll become steady on their feet and it will be easier for me to have fun with them at parks and playgrounds.

In saying that though I am worried about once they start independently walking. Everyone is really giving me a hard time about it and although I just brush it aside and say it will be fine, I’m actually quite worried. I’ve always said that I had the harnesses parents put on their children and although I can understand it that I would never use one of my kids. And people are making me feel like I have to use them. I would really prefer to teach my boys that they need to walk with mummy. I know they are going to get distracted and run off to something exciting every now and then (hopefully not all the time) and I will have to chase them but I’m wondering if its better to do that or to put them in a harness.

It’s something I think I will need to talk more about with other mums and dads who have twins. Thankfully I am part of a wonderful organisation called AMBA (Australian Multiple Birth Association) and regularly participate in their facebook discussions allowing me to connect with parents in similar situations all over the country. It has become a life saver to me and I have made some great friends and learnt alot through volunteering for them. I think that being part of a community is important, whether it be local or online. People need to communicate and support one another, and I think that becomes even more important when you are a stay at home parent with twins or more! It can be very lonely and tiring at times but it can also be very rewarding. I feel very lucky to have seen my boys first time rolling and crawling and hopefully soon their first steps. Although I have recorded them for my husband he does still feel like he missed out. Time when your kids are small is something you can never get back. So I am going to enjoy their first birthday tomorrow and have someone else take all the photos so that I can be there for every moment. They will only be 1 once.


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