Happy moment

It’s been a busy few days. After the boys birthday I thought things would be a bit more relaxed but I was wrong! Had to visit the inlaws to get photos from the boys birthday, and took a visit to the country to see someone who I consider family. So its been a busy few days. Add to that that hubby has been doing morning shifts the last few days and my whole schedule has gone out the window. We adpated really well but tomorrow he goes back to afternoon/evening shift so we have to readapt all over again. I’m a little upset! I was in this great routine with the kids and now it’s going to be ruined but it will be ok.

So we have some lovely photos from the boys birthday but unfortunately not as many as I had hoped for. This is what happens when your aren’t taking them yourself. Oh well. The important moments have been captured and I will have them in their photo albums so that makes me happy. I can look back one day and remember the lovely time we had.

We used hubbys day off mid week to take a trip to see someone I consider family. My gran unfortunately passed away last year, but her lovely partner is still around and has been my whole life so we try to go up regularly to visit. Its a long day but he loves to see the boys and considering my family is quite small it makes me feel good whenever we go and spend a few hours with him. He is really good to us, and I mean really good. He always tries to give us money, which I always refuse to take but somehow always manage to go home with (he’s sneaky!) and this was no different. He gave the boys a lovely card and what I consider a large amount of money (but to some is probably nothing). It was really funny, I opened the card and the first thing the kids did was go for the green notes!!

We decided that it would mostly go into bank accounts for them for when they are older, but that we would go and buy them a couple of new toys. And so off to the shops we went this afternoon. And can I just say it was the most wonderful moment. There is a kids shop at our local shops that I love. Its all wooden toys, which I’ve been really keen to buy the boys as all their current stuff is plastic, which I am a little sick of! So I spent quite a while browsing and picking up and playing with all the bits and pieces. And it was just this amazing feeling of being able to buy the boys a toy each and not having to stress about being able to afford it. Almost everything the boys got for christmas and their birthday I purchased off ebay, so it was all second hand. And I know they don’t know the difference and there is nothing wrong with what we gave them but to be able to go into this store and stand there and say well I love this, this and this, what should we buy was honestly just a joy. We walked away with two great toys for just under $50 which I was thrilled with as that’s left the boys with change from what I decided we would spend to buy something special next time I see it.


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