Multiple Birth Awareness Week!

So life, as always, is crazy and I have so much to write but today is dedicated to multiple birth awareness week.

This week is so important to me and thousands of other parents, as it celebrates the amazing-ness of having twins or more. AMBA (Australian Multiple Birth Association) and its many clubs spread throughout Australia celebrate by hosting varying events for members. This years events include zoo visits, picnics, barbecues, markets and other playdates. It’s so wonderful to be able to share ideas and experiences with others in similar situations.

Personally I consult AMBA’s facebook page on a daily basis, asking questions myself and reading answers on a range of other topics. Anyone can ask questions and the lovely admins are always so helpful! AMBA also has a forum where you can start a conversation on any topic and many members find immense support through that. Clubs themselves offer the opportunity to meet other mums (and dads) who are local to you and many are able to offer regular meet ups, hiring of equipment (breast pumps, books, etc) and monthly newsletters. Whichever option suits you there are literally thousands of others ready to share parts of their journey with you.

I highly recommend AMBA to any parents of multiples, as no matter what stage of pregnancy or age of your multiples there is a wealth of knowledge you can access and learn from.
Forum –
Facebook –


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