Snack ideas!

When the boys first starting having snacks on top of their main meals and milk I was at a complete loss as to what to give them.  So after scouring the internet and finding the same old things over and over, I spent some time really browsing my local supermarkets to try and find ‘appropriate’ things to give the boys.  This is what I have come up with, if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

* Fruit – banana, apple, pear, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, apricots, peaches, plums (my kids love it all!)

* Cheese – cut into cubes or strips, depending on what stage of teeth and chewing your little ones are at

* Rice cakes / corn cakes – we get the really thin ones and I spread them with avocado or vegemite (this is sometimes lunch too with some fruit)

* Jelly – you can make it from scratch, buy the packet stuff (which I still love!) or buy the baby jars of ‘gel’

* Custard – home made or jars

* Roll ups – you can make them yourself from fruit if you own a food dehydrator (I will post more on this later), or I got this tip off another mum of multiples – Cut crusts off bread and flatten it, put some cream cheese and vegemite (or cheesymite) on it and roll it up.

* Sultanas, and other dried fruits – I buy in bulk 2kg bags and switch between sultanas and the dried fruit mix

* Museli bars / fruit sticks – my almost 14 month olds love fruit sticks as they can pull and bite bits off but museli bars are still a bit too much for them.

* Pikelets – yum, yum!  You can make the standard and have them plain or put a bit of jam on them, or you could make flavoured ones – banana or apple – I have also been told to give quinoa ones a go as a lunch alternative.

* Muffins – store bought, packet mix, or make from scratch.  Apple, apple and cinnamon, apple and raspberry, blueberry, raspberry and white chocolate, orange and poppyseed, banana, I could go on and on but you get the idea!

* Biscuits – again home made or store bought.  You can buy kid ones or just buy the normal.

* Yoghurt – again store bought or make your own.  We use the easi-yo system which honestly I love!  It means I can make yoghurt whenever I feel like it and it lasts alot longer.

* Ice cream – my boys have had store bought one day while we were out, but I also make them a yoghurt based version which I either spoon feed them or put on sticks for them to eat (with daddys help) like an icypole.  This has been great on the recent hot days!!

I’m sure there are lots more, but these are what I feed my little ones.  I try to mix it up and make sure they get lots of fruit and dairy but the odd treat here and there doesnt hurt them.

Check out my recipe for Apricot and Coconut Balls and Apple Balls, perfect for small hands!

For meal ideas try here.


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