Lunch ideas!

So lunch time can be a pain in my house.  It’s a busy time of day for us – the boys are in a transitional stage where they are starting to only have one nap a day.  Some days though they still have two.  Either way is fine, it just makes life a little tricky as we never know when we get up what kind of day it will be and this can often limit our lunch choices as hubby leaves for work around this time too!

As the boys are now approaching 14 months they generally eat what we would eat.  I say generally and what we would eat for two reasons.  The first being that I am a crap eater!  I have ALOT of issues sorrounding food and am more than likely not a good role model – I skip meals constantly and eat emotionally.  Unfortunately this is what I learnt as a child and I am trying very hard to not pass these traits onto my own kids.  The second being that due to my husbands hours it is very rare that we will all eat a meal togther.  Hubby eats dinner at work, I eat dinner long after the boys go to bed, and lunch is much the same!

With lunch I try to make it an item that the boys can feed themselves.  They love to feed themselves and it can be a struggle to get a spoon in their mouth (more tips on this later).  So lunch in our household can consist of any number of things and here is just a few ideas.

* Last nights dinner – I often make my dinner with enough for the boys to have the next day for lunch or their own dinner

* Omlettes – its the end of the week and the vegetables are starting to look a bit sad, cut them up, put them in a bowl with some eggs and make an omlette.  Cut into slices its a great fingerfood!

* Fried rice – another great way to use up a few leftovers, including the rice that didn’t all get eaten the night before 🙂

* Chicken or beef strips – these can be marinated and cooked under the grill, in the frypan, or steamed.

* Hard boiled egg – cut into pieces

* Cold meat – ham, turkey, silverside, all the stuff from the deli

* Baked beans or tinned spaghetti – quick and easy!

* Cooked pasta – my kids will sometimes even eat it cold and plain, or you can mix it with some veggies, or add some sauce.

* Vegetables – my boys love being able to pick up the individual peas, corn kernels and beans (this is great at dinner time too!)

* Zucchini slice – or any other vegetable type slice

* Cheese rolls – these are messy and a bit more expensive than a sandwich but its a nice change and great when your out and about

* Rice cake / corn cake – topped with just about anything!

* Sandwiches – you can put anything in them, but to be honest the boys don’t have these yet, but lots of their friends do

* Sausage rolls / party pies – I make my own and they are filled with veggies, but you can buy them

I’m sure theres lots more but that all off the top of my head!  I’d love to know what you feed your little ones for lunch.


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