Sorting out the mess that is my life!

So you could say my life is a bit of a mess.  From the outside I’m sure it looks rosey, but the reality is that it is chaotic at best.  Some days are harder than others and often the only thing that keeps me together is my gorgeous boys smiles.

I love my kids but it is damn hard work.  Hubby’s work is so up and down that I never quite know when he will be home.  And I hate more and more that he is working afternoons.  He is missing the boys tantrums, witching hour, bath time and bed time.  Over the weekend he finally saw what I go through on a daily basis and I think that was important.

Our calendar has been so chock a block lately that I have been running around like a mad person.  On Saturday we went to a lovely 2nd birthday party and my husband was suppose to go to work in the afternoon.  Unfortunately I had a minor meltdown from just being sore, run down, still sick, and dealing with the boys that he had to call in so he could spend the day with us.  So we ended up having hubby home for 3 days with us when he shift got cancelled on Monday.

Turns out I managed to get alot done.  We hit the shops more than once, stocked up on food, and looked into organisational items.  I’m starting to get fed up with the stuff lying everywhere around the house!  Someone off the AMBA facebook page recommended vacuum storage bags for clothes, so I went out and bought a whole heap.  So the last two nights I have been busy sorting and storing all the boys clothes that no longer fit in hopes of another baby in the future.  It feels good to finally be clearing some space.

I also went to Bunnings and got some shelf rack things for my pantry and got some more sistema bakery containers from Woolworths.  I had previously started my pantry and have been doing it in stages – this will hopefully enable me to finish it and it will stop driving me quite so crazy.

And on top of all that I managed to cook the boys some mini muffins, cooked hubby some regular muffins, and made some banana bread.  This morning I even managed to make the boys and hubby an omelette each (the boys refused to eat it – ho hum), some vegemite scrolls and some pizza scrolls.  Not a bad effort.

I still have alot I want to get done but at least I have made a start and I feel good for it.  My stress levels have been high and I have been very down in the dumps but I am doing something about it.  I’m getting out and meeting new people, sorting out my house and making plans for the future.  Its all about little steps.


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