Happy Easter

For some reason this didn’t post last Thursday so it’s a little late – oops!!

Its Easter time again.  And although this is my boys 2nd Easter this one is more special than the last for them and me.  Last year they were only a couple of months old so all we did was give them a special 1st easter plush bunny each.  This year although the boys have no idea whats going on I have done a few things to celebrate.

If you’ve read my posts before you would know that we try to save where ever possible due to living on one unstable income.  So we can’t afford the highly priced easter eggs.  And my in laws have a family easter thing so the boys and I decided we would make our own treats (ok I made them, the boys slept).

So I made my own version of the many easter cupcake’s that I’ve seen recently online.  I think they turned out pretty well.


Then I made little chocolates for everyone and a big egg for my husband.  Unfortunately the big egg did not work like it should have and had some major cracks.  I was dissappointed but hubby did not care in the slighest.  Below is the egg I made for hubby (it is filled with other little handmade chocolates).


And I packed all the little chocolates for everyone into these plastic eggs I found at the reject shop.  The boys like to give people things so my plan is to get the boys to give each person an egg.  Hopefully it works but I know what my little men are like so it may all go disasterously wrong – we will see.  These are the eggs below all packed into a basket each for the boys.



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