Making jam

So we have alot of frozen fruit in our freezer and we just don’t seem to be getting through it at all.  So I decided that I would thaw some of it and make it into jam.  I’ve read alot on making jam and preserving fruit and last year I bought the tools necessary to complete the task.  Unfortunately I never got to do it as someone decided to break into our yard and steal all the fruit off our trees.  I was very upset.  But we are lucky to have some wonderful people in our lives who gave us an abundance of fruit, including pears, apricots and peaches.  The boys love pears so they were eaten in only a couple of weeks.  The boys have since learned to make a run for the fridge whenever it is open to look for fruit – they have been know to take an apricot and start gnawing at it.  So I buy whatever is on special each week – we currently have mangos and pears and the boys love it.

So back to jam.  I bought some jam setting sugar and thawed out some of the apricots last night and went to the task of making jam.  Although it wasn’t overly difficult it did require my full attention (which is difficult with two small children) and I unfortunately got burnt by it spitting.  Still hurts.

So all those jars that I saved are starting to be used (sticking my tongue out at my husband – told you so).  The smaller of the baby food jars are being saved for my sister in laws bonbonniere and I will be glad when they are gone!!  The larger baby food jars are now holding todays lot of apricot jam.  I hope to make another lot tomorrow but I am waiting to see how these jars seal before I start the second batch.  I had some problems with it.  I am trying a few tricks I found on the internet and once the jars cool late tonight or tomorrow morning we will see if its worked.  Otherwise they may need to be stored in the fridge.

Here is a pic of the yummy apricot jam jars.



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