The twins birthday

I know it has taken me a while but here are a few shots from the boys birthday. It was Sesame Street themed and I made some of the decorations myself (yes I am nuts!!), bought the balloons off ebay, as well as a few other bits and pieces.

2013-01-26 18.26.13  2013-01-26 14.31.56  2013-01-26 14.31.49

The letter box and the front door both had signs for the boys based on the Sesame Street sign.  We had various balloons that I filled with a helium tank I got from the local shops (it was cheaper to buy one than to hire one!).  The talking toys I got off ebay for next to nothing, same with the books.

I bought the boys special little plates and cups as a keepsake and they even wore elmo and cookie monster on their clothing.  Very cute!

040  044

As we were having essentially two birthday parties on the same day it was alot of work to have everything ready the day before and my in laws thankfully came early that morning to help with the final touches.  The first party was a party for the boys and 3 of their little almost one year old friends.  They played in the ball pit (yes I have a mini one – a fantastic ebay purchase that has provided hours of entertainment) and loved the bubble machine I picked up from Kmart.  So that party went for an hour and at the end each little one received a party bag as below.  I was very concious not to include any lollies as I didn’t think they were appropriate for kids under one, so each child got a rubber duckie (elmos favourite too), a sesame street character, a tactile ball thing (I have no idea what theyre called but my boys loved the different feel of them), a little sesame street book and of course some bubbles and a cupcake.  I made the tops of the bags myself and on the back they had a personalised thankyou.  For the second party we also had some older kids so they also got lollies in their bags.


Click here to see the birthday cakes!


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