The birthday cake!

OK so I may have gone a little mad when I starting planning the boys birthday cake.  I wanted to just do a normal everyday cake but then I came across Cake 2 The Rescue ( and I had to have their ses-a-me cupcake bites, and then of course I had to make them each a smash cake.  So you can see how it all got a bit out of hand.  Thankfully the girls over at cake 2 the rescue are life savers and were able to get it all express posted to me, complete with everything I needed and very clear, easy to read instructions.  Below is what it I got when I opened the box.  Exciting!!!!!

2013-01-18 09.39.02

So I ordered extra because obviously I have twins and I needed the boys names to fit across the cupcakes for my idea to work and then once I actually started baking I had enough mixture to also make my two smash cakes (if you don’t know what a smash cake is then keep an eye on my blog as I’ll be doing a post on it soon).  So I started by making the cakes – when I said everything is included I meant it – theres cupcake cases and a try to cook and serve them in (genius!!).  Below is before they were cooked and straight out of the oven.  My house smelled like cake – yum!!!!!!

2013-01-22 12.24.50         2013-01-22 12.32.14

So once they were out I had to start thinking about the icing, which was easy.  But then it was all about fondant.  And I’m completely new to fondant but it was all coloured for me so all I had to do was roll it out (with the supplied rolling pin) and cut out the shapes to make my little characters and letters (also supplied).  So I started, it was a long process.  My husband irratated me during the process, which never ends well but I pushed on.

  2013-01-23 12.44.39 2013-01-23 12.44.49 2013-01-23 12.44.59

Things were definitely coming together and I was pretty happy with my handiwork.  So the last step to put it altogether was relatively easy and this was the end result.  I think the cupcakes were super cute and the smash cakes were exactly what we needed.

2013-01-23 13.12.32 2013-01-23 13.26.21 2013-01-23 13.26.32

But of course I wasn’t done.  Don’t be silly!!  I still had to make the large cake.  This was just a basic packet mix sponge cake, that I iced with buttercream that was coloured.  I then piped the yellow happy birthday on and added their names.  I added a little blue fence just for fun and a couple of character cars.  Unfortunately it was put in the fridge so when it came out o be served it cracked.  It didnt really matter, our family and friends still ate it and the boys stuck their hands in it!!  lol


Click here to see some of the birthday decorations!


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