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It’s been one of those weeks that’s been very up and down.  I have been very unwell and am slowly starting to get better finally, one of my boys is teething quite badly which has created ALOT of food issues, any my hubby has been home most of the week due to a lack of available work.  So instead of getting all these things done around the house I have been enjoying the comfort of my couch and trying to keep my sanity!

I did manage to make another batch of apricot jam and a batch of peach jam (both of which I gave away to family over Easter, so I’m not very popular with hubby!!).  The original jars never did seal properly, and I think it is more to do with the jars than anything I did.  I found that one of the following batches I made that I put into an old tomato paste jar did seal itself – so jar in boiling water, take out, fill with boiling jam and screw boiling lid on.  I heard the click when the top sucked itself in about 10mins later and I did a little jump for joy!!!  I still need to make another batch of peach jam for hubby but I’ve run out of jars – disasterous!!!!!!!!

So money has been on my mind alot this week.  We stretch our dollars as far as they will go and I try very very hard to not go to the supermarket more than once a week.  I actually try and only do a major grocery shop once every two weeks and a meat shop once a month.  That takes a lot of planning and knowing recipes.  Usually I take a shopping list, but I admit I do forget quite a bit and often have to stop to grab one or two things (which usually ends in 5 or 10).  I do need a better system.

But I keep the staples in my cupboard so that I can make a variety of things at any time.  I also tend to do a big cook up in the few days after we’ve been to the supermarket so that I am using my produce when its at its best and as I freeze hubbys meals for the week its just easier.  I probably do make things harder for myself but I don’t tend to eat what I make for hubby.  I am crap with food!!  When hubby is home yes we eat the same as I make things I know I will eat but when I’m cooking just for him (or for him and the boys) I cook casseroles, stir-frys, quiches, and other things that I know will help to fill him up and keep him going while he’s working.  I can eat all those things, I just don’t want to!!  I love to try new recipes out but I usually just have a little taste and stick with what I like since I had the kids.  I was really, really sick when I was pregnant and barely ate for 8 months so its actually been quite hard to get back into eating.  Its been over a year now and I barely eat at all, I often skip meals and when I do eat my portions are quite small.  For me its quite a mental thing and something I do know that I need to work on but my hubby is very good at ensuring I have breakfast most days and I try to have something for dinner every night.

But I digress… So I always try to use everything up in my fridge, so that no veggies go to waste, as I hate to throw food out!  We can’t afford it and its just simply a waste.  I find lettuce one of the hardest things to use up, particularly when its cold as we don’t do salads at this time of year.  But my plan is generally home made souvlakis, burritos and tacos if necessary.  I also pack salad in with hubbys quiches.  But I do sometimes end up throwing it away.

Tonight I went through my fridge to see what I could make and have started some mini quiches for the boys and am planning on making a batch of mini vegetables muffins with the carrots and zucchini.  I will probably also do a casserole with the rest of the carrots, zucchini, some potato and onions I’ve got and whatever meat I can dig out of the dwindling freezer but that will not be until Monday.

Tomorrow we will go to SPC and refill my pantry – what they have on offer does change regularly but we always come home with a car load at very reasonable prices and it keeps us going for a few months which saves on our fortnightly shopping.  I hope in the future to check out Costco but finding the time that suits us and someone who already has a card (you have to be a member to visit) and someone to babysit the boys (double pram in that busy place – I don’t think so!!) is actually quite difficult!!  I love SPC as I don’t need to be a member and I know the regular items that will be available and everything else is just a bonus (we also have family close by so it could never be a wasted trip).  Costco does not always have the same things available, products change often and the only thing you can be guaranteed of is the Kirkland branded items (Costco’s home brand).  On a side not we have been given Kirkland nappies in the past and found them really good and I’ve been told quite reasonably priced!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and I’ll hopefully share some recipe’s next week 🙂


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