Busy week

So I have had a flat out week.  I have been out everyday this week which is not like us and I am tired!  I have got alot done errands wise, caught up with a number of friends and am finally starting to feel better.

Unfortunately hubby has not really worked this week which is bad for our finances but the boys have really enjoyed having him around.  Today we are having a much needed day at home, the boys are napping, hubby is at work and I am enjoying a time out on the couch after cooking up a storm earlier.

This afternoon I hope to cook a couple more dishes and freeze them for the next week.  With low finances I believe its about using what you have and cooking in bulk.  When I see things on special I do buy extra but that requires being able to adapt receipes, trying new things and cooking sometimes when you don’t really feel like it.  There is no point in buying ingredients on special if you can’t use them all up.

Last weekend we were given about 10-12 capsicums so my plan today was to use them up, along with some other bits and pieces sitting in the bottom of my fridge.  I put a message out to some friends asking what I could do with green ones, as all the receipes I could find used red capsicum and it is far too cold for salads and salsas which are my usual uses for green capsicum.  My friends are wonderful and gave me some great suggestions.  Receipes will go up over the next couple of days.


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