Recipe – Vegetable fritters

So if you’ve read my posts before you know that I hate wasting food and that we are short on money so we try to use up everything possible.

Yesterday I went through my fridge and deceided to cook up a storm to use up the mountain load of vegetables I seem to have accumulated.  I looked on my favourite cooking website – – and although I found a few ideas to use up my bits and pieces none of it quite worked.  So I decided to adapt a receipe I found and use up what I had.

Here is what I came up with – mixed vegetable fritters


* 2 potatoes

* 1 sweet potato

* 2 zucchinis

* 2 carrots

* 2 small green capsicums

* 1 onion

* 2 cups self-raising flour

* 6 eggs


* Grate all the vegetables (I use my food processor – super quick and easy)

* Mix flour and yolks of the eggs with other vegetables (I used my hands but feel free to use a wooden spoon)

* Beat egg whites in a seperate bowl until stiff peaks form

* Fold egg whites into other ingredients

* I found that as I cooked them the mixture got wetter so I just added in more flour

* Cook over a meidum heat in a fry pan with oil (I use rice bran but feel free to use olive oil) until brown


* Add salt and pepper to taste before cooking

* Add a can of corn kernels

* Add some cooked peas

* Eat with tomato relish



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