I think I’m in love!

IMAG2258So on Sunday morning I got a surprise email in my inbox.  A lovely little note saying I’d won a Dymo label maker in a competition I entered.  I was having a bad morning with the boys (actually a bad week) and this news literally made my day.  It’s funny how one small thing can make a huge difference in your life.

So over the next few days I looked around my house and got really annoyed – there is literally stuff everywhere!!  I started sorting through things on Sunday night making piles on things to keep, things to throw out and things to sell/donate and did manage to make a dent on my spare room so that was nice.

The next few days passed in a blur of running errands, children with snotty noses and teething.  It has not been fun in my house lately!!  But on Thursday morning the magic device arrived.  Dymo label maker I think I love you.  The first thing I did was rush down to the shops and buy a couple of extra rolls of labels – I like to think ahead and I knew that once I started if I ran out of labels I would be very cranky.  So off we went to the shops and got some more labels and a couple of containers.

When we got home I went a little label crazy.  I started with my pantry.  It has annoyed me endlessly for a while now and with my new containers and my label maker in hand I got to work.  The top shelf is now heaven!  Below is a pic….


It’s so pretty.  Call me sad but compared to what I had before this is fantastic.  I’ve also done the very bottom and the bottom shelf.  I have two shelves to go and they are staring at me but I have so much to fit in and I’m honestly not quite sure how to do it.  The good thing about a pantry clean out is that it’s giving me the opportunity to take a note of what I have and use it up.  And I have alot of bits and pieces!  I’m sure I had good intentions of using everything I bought but for one reason or another it ended up at the back of my pantry and I either forgot or deceided I wanted something else instead.  I vow it will all get used, eventually!



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