Meal planning for the week

So I am on a super tight budget lately thanks to hubby not getting alot of shifts and I need to use up what’s in my pantry so as much as I can’t stick to meal planning I am going to try.  My plan is if its written down in front of me and I really don’t feel like whats planned for that night I will just switch it around – for me that is much simpler to stick to.  So here goes, wish me luck!

Monday – Chicken legs coated in McCormicks Receipe Creations Lemon Pepper Chilli Chicken, with roast potatoes

Tuesday – Risotto (chicken, tomato, onion)

Wednesday – Chicken curry (from Mamabake!) – this is a big batch receipe that I will freeze for hubbys dinners next week

Thursday – Pumpkin soup with fresh bread (from my bread maker)

Friday – Massaman Beef Curry (from McCormicks Naturals range)

Saturday – out to dinner to celebrate my birthday, so whatever I choose from the menu!

Sunday – Lamb shanks slow cooked in tomato, onion and red wine, with mashed potato

As you can tell I have alot of McCormicks stuff in my pantry – I just love their new ranges so much and I bought quite a lot the last couple of times they were on special.  This week I plan not to visit the supermarket as I should have everything I need.  Fingers crossed!!

I also plan to make some Dukkah, Vegetable Muffins for the boys and maybe something sweet.  Recipes to come!


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