Meal planning for the week

So last weeks meal planning actually didn’t go too badly.  I didn’t deviate from my plans to much at all but I did end up swapping it all around to suit when hubby’s shifts got cancelled.  We still have alot to use up and not much money so my plan this week is to only go to the supermarket for milk, bread and fresh fruit and vegetables.  Hopefully I can stick to that, but I know once we walk in I’ll end up spending a small fortune!

Monday – Beef stiry fry

Tuesday – Grilled marinated chicken breast with rice (hubby will be at work and we have a busy day so this is my fall back easy receipe for me, which the kids can enjoy for lunch the next day)

Wednesday – Potato and leek soup

Thursday – Steak (marinated in red wine and spices) and mashed potato

Friday – Savoury noodles (from the Tandaco One Pan Dinner Range)

Saturday – Home delivered pizza (hubby will be at work till late and after a long week I just don’t feel like cooking)

Sunday – Tandoori Chicken (from the Chicken Tonight range) with pasta


5 thoughts on “Meal planning for the week

    • It’s all gone very well so far Katrina. I’ll post my recipe for potato and leek soup next week – this week has been a little bit busy 🙂

  1. As a working mom of 3 young ones, I too struggle with meal planning. I am currently working on a web tool that helps me make it easier. Try it if you like (currently in Beta), I would love to know if it helps you and your family. Contact me at terra@mealspring.comif you would like more info

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