Using up whats available

In the spirit of using up what we have and saving money I went through our freezer to see what we had and pulled out a few things that have been in there a while.  I still had a few things I made for the boys 6+ months ago that I have pulled out for them to eat this week.  And I’ve sorted hubbys meals into what he needs to eat first and what has just been made and what can stay in the freezer longer.  On top of that I took a lot of meals out of their plastic containers and put them into sandwich bags which I wrote on so we know what they are!  Now I have back about 10 containers which is great as my cupboard was empty and I had been looking for some.

Yesterday I made the diced carrots, celery and onion which was in my freezer that I had cooked in chicken stock a long time ago into a vegetable soup with some cans of crushed tomato.  I threw in a packet of risoni that I had found in my pantry clean up to use that up and add some bulk to the soup.  It’s a perfect lunch for my husband and uses up a whole lot of bits and pieces that I honestly wasn’t sure what to do with.  He says it tastes super yummy too so thats a bonus!

I also made a decision last week to try out Aussie Farmers Direct.  I had been thinking about it for a while and when they actually knocked on our door I deceided it was time.  Years ago when we lived on the other side of town, before children, we used to have a mixed fruit and vegetable box delivered once a fortnight.  I had mixed feelings about it.  It was great because we always got fresh produce but we also got things that I didn’t use which was a waste.  We ended up cancelling it.  But when I looked into Aussie Farmers Direct I noticed that they had a pick and mix box which is perfect for us.  I placed my order for this week, choosing my own fruit and vegetables which will come on Wednesday.  I have also ordered some other bits and pieces – they actually have a great range!!  My thought is that this will save me some trips to the supermarket which will save me money as I won’t be able to buy any extras!  I have set it up to have a standard order fortnightly delivered to me which I can change as it suits me.  I will still get my bread and milk from a major supermarket simply because of how much we go through and at $1 a loaf/litre it would just be too expensive for me to change that.

Hopefully with this change I will not need to go to the supermarket this week as I can just send hubby to get some milk which is great as with all his cancelled shifts lately and endless bills I really can’t afford to be spending money on this and that.  If you follow this page on facebook you would have seen that last week I used up a bunch of apples making juice with my juicer and using what the juicer considers waste to make apple pikelets.  They were both hits with my boys and I plan to make some more this week.  I also made apricot balls last week from a recipe card I got from Woolworths, and last night adapted it to make a peach version and I have plans this week to make a couple of other flavour versions.  The boys love them and they seem to be much cheaper to make than to buy.

I still have quite a lot of things to use up that are in my cupboard/fridge and I am trying to use up all the bits and pieces slowly but it is going to take quite a long time!


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