I really really hate it when my husband tidies up – it drives me mad!! He is one of those people who just liteally moves things from one spot to another and can’t remember where he has put it and he thinks that is helpful. Organisation is key in any home and this can be very difficult, particularly with kids. I have several systems that I use to organise items in my house, unfortunately I don’t have enough and that is something we are currently working on and trying to figure out. I have only recently finished reorganising my pantry and I will do a post on that soon. I am slowly sorting one of my spare bedrooms which has a mixture of the boys clothes they no longer fit into, clothes they are yet to fit into, baby bottles and other baby pieces, all to be kept for the next possible child; stuff from my mum after she passed away, stuff from my parents house from when they moved, and stuff from when my gran passed away.  And thats just the first spare bedroom!!  Compared to what the room previously looked like we have made major progress, which is good as we may need to actually use the spare beds soon for some family to come and stay.

My biggest tip when trying to organise any space in your house, whether it be a room or a cupboard, is to break it down into smaller jobs so it doesn’t seem like such a daunting task.  I have been taking it in very small doses – so I focus only on one particular item, for example all the clothes which I spent a few days sorting them into what needed to be kept, what we could sell and what should just be thrown out.  I then put it all into sizes, vacuum sealed them and put them into labelled plastic containers.  Next I focused on a corner of the room to sort through again what we were going to keep, what could be sold and what needed to go into the bin.  Slowly but surely things start to seem a lot tidier, more organised and much less daunting.  I still have some more work to do in this first spare bedroom but it has become a much more usable space.  My label maker came in very handy for labelling all my boxes of clothes, which are now neatly stacked in the spare bedroom cupboard.




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