Time for a clean out!

So my posting has been a little haphazard over the last week or so as that’s a bit how my life has been!  We have been crazy busy despite the fact my husband hasn’t been working much.  Although it has been great catching up with friends, I am actually more proud of the sorting and organising I have been doing of the items around my house.

With the very real possibility that we will have a family member staying with us in the future I really need my spare room cleared of all the odds and ends that I had stored (lets be honest – dumped) for future sorting, and honestly I just need to clear it as it will one day becomes my boys room, more than likely in the next year and I can’t keep putting it off.

Yesterday I tackled one of our hallway cupboards and I was realistic but brutal.  Some items went back to family members where they belonged, as now we all have our own places and I no longer have to store other peoples items, some was put straight in the bin and some has gone into a pile to sell or donate.  Very little was actually kept and the items that were have been neatly stored in logical places.

I also went through a very large collection of books that I had previously used for university studies and sorted that into what I no longer need and what I would like to keep.  It was easier than I first imagined it would be but it was still difficult to let go of what I had once thought my life would be.  I ended up with three piles, the third being the ‘I’m not sure’ pile.  It is a very small pile of about 5 books that I just didn’t feel comfortable getting rid of but wasn’t sure I would actually use.  So next week I will look at them again and decide.

The good news is that I now have a row of low level cupboards that I can use to store other items.  Very exciting!!


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