Getting ready for a market

So as I have previously mentioned in a few weeks we will be selling a large amount of used items at an upcoming Baby & Kids Market.  We have two reasons for wanting to do this – the first being that we need to clear these items from our house, and the second being that we could really use the extra money.

It has actually been a very long process since we first decided that this was the route we wanted to take.  We choose this over ebay, which is the avenue we usually use to sell items, because selling this way allows us to sell individual pieces of used clothing without the hassle of listing, postage/pick ups and fees.  Although the market does have a fee we weighed up how much we’re selling with how much were paying and know how much we need to get rid of to break even, naturally we’re hoping to sell the majority of what we have and believe me when I say there is lots.

I’m planning to put together what I hope will be a helpful list of how to prepare for selling at a market, so look out for that in the next month.


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