Play centres and growing up!

I took the kids to a play centre this week.  We have only been a couple of times and it has been an interesting experience.  A play centre is a great place to let the kids socialise with other kids at their own pace and it’s a nice change from home for both them and me.

It was so interesting to watch the boys play and watch the other parents and children.  I find it fascinating how little some mothers interact with their children.  Last time I checked at a play centre you still need to supervise your child.  I see far too many mothers just drop their kids into the enclosed area and completely ignore them.  I find it so sad.

The last time I went I saw kids hitting other kids with mothers not in sight and one child fall and quite badly hurt themselves, and even with the child screaming and crying the mother still didn’t get up from her seat.  It honestly just baffles me.

I completely understand that parents need time out but there is a time and place, and play centres are neither the time nor the place.  I love taking the boys to a play centre and seeing their little faces light up at the sight of other children and different toys to play with.  As independent as our boys can be they also like us to stay close, particularly in new surroundings.  I try to treat the rare occasions that we do take them to a play centre as a special occasion and I like to spoil them with a special snack from the café.  My husband says I over indulge them but they’re my babies and I just can’t help myself!

In some ways I’m so looking forward to them growing up just that little bit and in others I don’t want them to grow at all.   It won’t be very long until my two are walking, or should I say running, around independently and that’s both exciting and a tad scary!  I have been so excited about them getting to this stage for so long and lately everyone has been freaking me out with stories of kids not listening and running away.  I don’t know if my kids will listen to me or run away or throw tantrums but I kind of wish people would just let me discover all of that on my own instead of trying to scare me all the time.

I find it funny how everyone tells you how wonderful having babies is and not how hard it is, and then when you do have them everyone tells you how hard each stage will be.  Makes me laugh.


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