Meal planning for the week

So my meal planning has been going along very smoothly but I must admit this week I am completely stuck! I have absolutely no idea what we will be eating this week, so this week is a bit of a throw together because I haven’t been to the supermarket lately (yay for saving money) and I’ve been busy running around like a mad woman catching up with people and have lots on this week too!

Monday – Pasta Bolognese (I’ll make a big batch of Bolognese and freeze it into smaller portions)

Tuesday – Chicken souvlaki (I’ve still got the bits leftover from last week – salad, etc)

Wednesday – Spice rubbed beef steak with vegetables

Thursday – Chicken with rice

Friday – Beef stew (from the freezer)

Saturday – Marinated chicken drumettes (Masterfoods marinade in a bag – yum!) with salad

Sunday – Some sort of takeout (maybe chinese)

As you can tell this week is very thrown together, simply because I know we’ve got appointments most days this week and I don’t have the time or money to head to the supermarket to stock up on anything, let alone hang out in the kitchen cooking.  My Aussie Farmers Direct order comes on Wednesday and I’ve just about used everything from the last fortnights order so that’s good.

The Organised Housewife

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