Toddler Busy Bags

So I have just discovered this amazing thing called Toddler busy bags.  I’m sure lots of people are saying ‘oh yeah, they’ve been around for ages.’  Yes well it seems I’m a little slow off the mark and have only just discovered them, completely by accident.  So I am making it my mission to make a whole stack of them.  Yes I am completely nuts.  But my theory is that I have very clever twin boys who seem to get bored rather easily (hmmmm, sounds a bit like me!).  Although they won’t be ready for these bags for another 6 months by the time I make lots of different versions (and of course two of each) they probably will be right into them.

For anyone who doesn’t know Toddler Busy Bags are basically just a bag with a different fun, learning activity in each little zip lock pouch.  They seem like a great way to keep the kids entertained at appointments or even when grabbing a coffee.  They’re small enough to carry around several and interesting enough to hopefully keep them entertained for at least a few minutes per activity.  You can buy these from places pre made but I think it’s going to be fun to make them myself.  My guess is that they will be appropriate from about 2 years up but I think at 18 months we will start giving them a try.

So far I have come up with about 20 different versions from looking at various websites and pinterest and I think I will have a lot of the required bits and pieces already in my craft room.  Which is even better because it means they will cost me hopefully nothing!

Check out some of my toddler busy bag materials here
And my first busy bag, a threading activity, here


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