Craft and invitations

I am a very crafty person, once upon a time I made my own cards and sold them at local markets.  I did quite well.  But it is a very competitive field and I had other goals in mind.  So when my life took a different turn I packed it all up into boxes which is where it sat for several years.  Occasionally I would get the urge to be crafty and I would take up a new craft – I’ve done everything for papercraft and stamping, to jewellery making to cross stitch to sewing.  And I’ve still got it all, it’s too expensive to part with and over time it is becoming useful again as my crafty instincts kick back in. When we decided to get married I did everything – from the invitations to the table settings and place cards to my wedding album.  I designed it all and hand made it.  It was everything I wanted.  And I can still look back on it and be proud.  Before the boys were even born I started their birth announcements so we could just insert the names and birthdate – I went all out and its probably lucky I made them early as it still took me several months to get the cards out!!  Instead of a traditional chirstening we opted for a baby blessing to celebrate with our friends and family, which I had to do in a mickey mouse theme, making everything to match (including the cake!).  And of course the boys birthday I designed the invitations and the decorations (including several cakes) all in the sesame street theme. So with family on both sides announcing their plans to get married in the last 6 months I have been entrusted with making and designing the invitations for the engagements (which are now both completed) and for one of the weddings.  Everything from the invitation to the bonbonniere and place cards have been designed and are currently being made by me.  It’s actually quite hard work!  The design part is lots of fun but when it gets down to it, putting it together for 100 guests is very time consuming.  The things we do for family! I’ve been told more times than I can count that I should start my own business doing invitations but honestly the stress of other people constantly changing their mind and the deadlines is just not manageable with my two boys and a husband who does shift work as I can’t designated specific work times or days.  I would say maybe when the boys are older but I actually don’t know what my plans are for the future.


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