Another learning curve

For me this week has been really full on but at the same time pretty great.  I have had some amazing opportunities this week to not only learn but also to share my opinions with a couple of big name companies (more on that later!).  It’s also been a great chance for me to have some me time, which I must say has been really nice!!!  As much as I love my gorgeous boys it has been getting me down a little bit spending all day every day with them and not really having many adult conversations.  I honestly had forgotten who I was.

This week has really reminded me that I was once a person too and that I still am, and I had to remind my husband of that the other night too.  I think we got so wrapped up in being parents and the way that we do things that we kind of forgot ourselves and how much we used to enjoy spending time together.  It seems like all our time is spent doing household chores, looking after the boys and dragging them around from here to there.  Somewhere over time we lost ourselves and in a way, each other.  So I feel like I’m on a whole new learning curve, yet again!  This time learning how to be both a wife and mother while still being me and enjoying time out, which is something I have not done in a long time.

So my goal now is to start taking some time out just for me, and to try and make some time, some quality time, for me and my husband to spend together.  I don’t think either will be easy but I have learnt this week that they are both really important.  Both my husband and my mother in law noticed a definite lift in my spirits and I am certainly feeling happier the last couple of days.


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