Meal planning for the week

So last week was crazy busy, this week there will be more time spent at home so I should be able to cook some better meals.

Monday – Chicken in balsamic vinegar, lemon and basil served on spaghetti

Tuesday – Pasta Bolognese

Wednesday – Chicken, tomato and almond curry served on rice

Thursday – Beef steak with vegetables

Friday – Salt and pepper calamari and chips (from the freezer)

Saturday – Take out or toasted cheese sandwiches as its our day to sell at the market and I image I’ll be exhausted!!

Sunday – Roast (hopefully Pork from the new coles range)

I really need to do some baking this week as well, the boys have finished the pikelets, mini muffins and the vegetable muffins.  I am considering mini quiches, maybe a slice and some biscuits.  I’ll also need to get the dehydrator out to use up the last of the apples.  As always there’s lots to do!

Recipes will be following later in the week.


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