Coles Circle Winter Inspiration Group Part 1

So last week I was lucky enough to be selected to receive an invitation from Coles Circle to attend Coles Head Office here in Melbourne for a Winter Inspiration Project Group.  Details were kept secret, all we were told was that it would be a Chefs Table Event.  I was excited!!!  There were 20 of us invited from near and far and we all waited in anticipation in the amazing lobby of Coles head office.


Couldn’t resist a photo of the giant vegemite!

 We were taken through the offices to the Coles Development Kitchen where we were introduced to some of the Coles team, including three of their chefs.  Adam, one of the meat chefs, talked us through the process of how Coles branded items go from being just an idea to our supermarket shelves.  It was really interesting to hear how it all works and how long it takes.  It was also reassuring to hear that the ideas they come up with don’t always work (yes they are human too!!) and there is a lot of trial and error and that they are always going back and refining products, even after they are on the supermarket shelves.

After that we were treated with morning tea, which was some delicious pulled pork rolls with Asian salad.  Can I just say yum, yum!  We also got to try the new Coles Bakery muffin range and some Coles finest Orange Juice – delicious!  I honestly hadn’t tried any of these items and was really impressed – these are definitely products that would not only work as snacks/meals in my family but will also fit within my budget.

Pulled pork rolls with Asian salad

Pulled pork rolls with Asian salad

After the delicious food it was time to talk about the whole reason we were here, the new Coles Made Easy range of slow-cooked meats, roasts and winter veggies.  We were talked through the range of products (it’s a big range and I must say I was impressed!), by the chefs who created them – Adam, Jana and James.  They discussed the concepts behind the new meat range and some of the actual products which included slow cooked pork belly, beef brisket, slow cooked lamb shanks, rolled pork roast and lots more!  This new range even come with sauces included which I think is great.  Makes it super easy to get dinner on the table at night.  There is also a new vegetable range which includes roast vegetables in foil trays  (potato, sweet potato, and tomato and zucchini) so all you need to do is slide it into the oven (so easy!), some new prepacked salads, fresh microwavable vegetables and a new mash range (includes mashed potato, mashed sweet potato and mashed pumpkin).  Jana even took the time to explain to us ways to spice up the roast vegetables into something special (some great tips!).


The new ranges

Next it was on to a discussion about the new Coles Cook and Dine Range.  A lovely new range of kitchen cookware, tableware and utensils, some of which I really loved and some of which I’m honestly still not sure about.  It was really interested to hear when we were talked through this range that all the questions we answered on Coles Circle were listened to and that this new range reflected that.  Classic white is a theme throughout the range, which I personally love and its what we have at home because it goes with everything.  There are also some other colours thrown in as you can see below.


Bake wear, mixing bowls and utensils


Glassware and mugs

In Part 2 I shared my review of the Coles Made Easy range – click the link to see how it all tasted!


3 thoughts on “Coles Circle Winter Inspiration Group Part 1

  1. What unique experience! That would have been great to be involved with. I will be interested to see their range. The rolls do look yum! I have never had pulled pork before. #teamIBOT

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