Reusable food pouches

So anyone who knows me knows that I love things that make me life easier!  And with my two little munchkins it’s all about making meal times easier and making sure that they get a good balance of foods.  Although the boys are really great eaters we do go through stages, particularly at teething time, when they will not eat much real food and prefer the sweeter style pouches of pureed food that you can buy at the supermarket.  Now having to buy them, a lot of them, is quite expensive and I have done it in the past but it’s not viable for our family.  So when a friend posted on their facebook time line about these new reusable pouches I was intrigued.  Getting more information I found out that it was another mum of twins starting her own business, I looked at the price and thought why not.  The worst that would happen is they wouldn’t work for my family and I’d be out a few dollars.  So I placed my order for 12 pouches and waited for them to arrive.  A few days later they were on my doorstep – I must admit I was a little excited!!


Yes they are bright yellow but really who cares!  I gave them a wash and got to filling them for the first time.  I quickly worked out how full to fill them and within half an hour the boys were eating yoghurt from their new pouches and we had an outstanding success!  I have now been using them for a few weeks and absolute love them.  I so far have only been filling them with yoghurt (which I make myself) and it has been super handy to be able to not only have them at home and take them out with us.

They are super easy to fill, are dishwasher safe and freezer safe.  So far I’ve been hand washing them (I can’t wait for the dishwasher cycle!) which the first time was a pain but is now super easy.  They’re even now bringing out a range of accessories including a funnel to fill them and there will be another size coming out soon, which I will order sometime in the future!  I shared these with my mummy facebook friends and they are also loving them, so I thought I would share it with you all.

You can find these wonderful pouches here – and here –


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