Tips on having a successful market stall – part 1

So today is our market day.  Selling off a large number of used (and new) baby items, including clothes and toys.  It has been a long process to get organised and we are really hoping it pays off – only time will tell.  I thought I would do this in two parts – the first part being the organisation and all the things we did to get ready for this day.  Part 2, which you can find here, will focus on how the day went and what worked and didn’t work.

So here is my tips to preparing for a market, whether it be a baby and kids one, a trash and treasure or something else.

* Start organisations early!  I mean really early, we started months in advance when the idea first popped into my head.  And with the boys its taken me this long to get myself organised.

* Check out your local markets as a shopper and decide on the ones you would like to have a stall at (look at the number of visitors, how the stalls are set up, how much space there is, etc.)

* Check out the markets terms and conditions – there will be lists of what you can and cant use (sticky tape, pins, etc), set up times, finishing times, refund information in case you need to cancel last minute, the number of helpers you can have, what you will be liable for (eg. scratches on the floor).

* Get all your items together and decide what size stall you will need (many markets now only have one stall size option so you can look at the option of having two stalls side by side)

* Pick your market based on what suits your needs and book early.  Markets book out a month or more in advance for selling preloved items.  And the earlier you book, the sooner you get to pick your stall.

* Look at the markets stall holder information – check out the list of what you need to bring, read the information on selling large items and check out any hints or tips they have.

* Purchase a clothing rack if you would like to use one and your market does not provide them.  They are available quite cheaply from stores such as the Reject Shop, Bunnings and Ikea.

* Sort your items into lots – eg. clothing, toys, etc.

* Go through all the clothing and sort into sizes (this will save you time on the day), checking items for any stains or tears (these are not suitable for anything and realistically should be used as rags or thrown away)

* Go through each size of clothes and start pricing (I used coloured dots) – try to choose fair prices, people want to get a bargain but you also want to walk away with some money so try to take both into consideration.

* As you price put items onto hangers (if you are using them – completely personal choice), and then put them into boxes.  I sorted them again into t-shirts, pants, onsies, etc. before boxing them.

* Label the boxes so you know what’s in them!!

* Price all your toys as well – if your not including batteries, write on the item if it works and any problems with it.

* Help promote the market you are attending – talk about it with your friends and family, post about it on your facebook or tweet about it.  The more people you can tell, the more people they will then tell, which means more potential buyers for your items!

* Either start saving your change or head to the bank to get some.  The more you have the better, you will need a mixture of coins and notes (because some people will come with a $50 for a $2 item) – we priced everything in full dollars so we didn’t have the need for any silver.

* Save all your plastic bags from shopping – you will need these to put peoples’ purchases’ in.

* Make up some signs, either by hand or on your computer, advertising exactly what items you have (eg. boys clothing sized 000 – 2) as well as any other important information (eg. more items available, discounts – buy 4 get 1 free, $1 off all items, etc.)

* Organise a baby sitter for the day – you need to leave the house early for set up and it will be a long day by the time you’ve packed up and gotten home so try and prepare your childrens’ meals for the day the night before to save you some stress.

* Pack everything your selling into your car the night before.

* Make a bag of all the odds and ends you might need – markers and labels (to reprice items if needed), sticky tape to attach signs, your signs, your change and your plastic bags.  You will need to pack a sheet to cover the table and a clothes rack if you are using one.  Also take a bottle of water for yourself and some snacks – you will need to keep your energy up.

* Try and get a good nights sleep


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