Tips on having a successful market stall – part 2

Yesterday I shared with you all the things you need to do before having a stall at a local market, you can view that post here.  Today I can share with you how our market day went and some tips on how to make your market day a success.

We actually did walk away with some cash but didn’t sell as many things as I would have liked.  I still have a mountain load of items to sell, and will need to decide whether we do a second market or sell via another means.  So my tips for you, from my experience are…

* Get there as close to the designated start of set up time as you can – it can take a while to unpack your car and then set up your stall.  Remember there are lots of other people you will need to navigate around so you need to allow as much time as possible.  You will generally have over an hour to set up and you will need it!

* Try to have two people for set up and pack up – it would be very difficult to do it on your own if you have a large number of items, as you will be in and out and will also need to move your car from the unloading bay to somewhere preferably far away.

* Put your sheet down over the table and set up your clothing rack first.  Do this before you start looking through and unpacking your boxes.

* Don’t overcrowd your table as your are setting up – you can always bring out more items as you go.   If your table is too full people will just walk straight past you, onto the next stall.

* The same goes for your clothing rack – people need to be able to easily flip through what’s on the rack and take items off to inspect them.

* Use the space under your table, as well as the space on top of your table.  The space under your table is perfect for large toys, as well as tubs of smaller toys or extra items (eg. bibs, socks).

* Take your large items to their designated area, making sure you have all the pieces together.

* Price everything clearly, it’s easier for you as the seller and much easier for the buyers if they can see prices – you can either price items individually or put all items in boxes and put up a big sign saying something along the lines of “All items in this box $2.”

* All the items that don’t fit on your table or clothes rack keep close at hand, buyers may ask you for other items and if you can quickly look through and find something you may make an extra sale.

* Try to make friends with the people around you, if you are on your own and need to run to the toilets they can watch your stall.

* Be willing to negotiate – remember a dollar in your pocket is better than going home with the item again and letting it continue to sit in a box.

* If you have a problem with adding or working out change use the calculator on your phone.  Less stress for you and quicker for the customer!

* Keep changing over your items – when things sell you can pull out the extra items you have with you.

* Stay happy – people are more likely to approach your table if you seem happy, rather than grumpy!

* Remember to take into account that you need to cover your costs – so the cost to be at the market, and the cost of any clothing rack, etc.  Anything above that is profit!

Below is a picture of our market stall at the start of the day, we changed it several times during the event.  I hope these posts have helped you if you are planning to do a market in the future.  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I’ll see if I can help.



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