Meal planning for the week

So can I just say I am tired, mentally, physically and emotionally.  It’s been a full on month and I’m in need of a little TLC, so I’m basing my meals this week around looking after myself.  I think if I don’t look after myself I will get sick (again!), and one of my boys is already unwell and passed it onto his twin brother which breaks my heart as there’s nothing I can do but cuddle them lots.

So what will we eat this week, meals that I love, that make me feel good and are just plain yummy (if you want a recipe just let me know and I’ll endeavour to post it for you!)…..

Monday – Tomato and chicken risotto

Tuesday – Beef curry (the McCormicks one I did a few weeks ago – beef was marked down, I stocked up!)

Wednesday – Take out, probably KFC as I have a seminar that means I won’t get home until very late and I was craving KFC yesterday.

Thursday – Chicken soup with wontons (or maybe chicken balls – depending on what I have time and energy for)

Friday – Chicken souvlaki (homemade)

Saturday – Beef ragout on fettucini

Sunday – To be honest, no idea!  Does anyone have any suggestions for me???

By the way the Pork Roast with apple sauce last night was delicious!  If you want to take a look I’ve posted a pic on the facebook page for this blog.  Baking last week resulted in mini quiches and savoury scrolls, both for the boys lunches.  I never quite got around to making them pikelets or cupcakes, which are definitely on my plan for this week (unless I get sick – that is an automatic out for just about everything!!).  Have a great week everyone.


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