Recipe – Spinach, Broccoli and Pear Puree

So when my boys are teething they tend to go off their food and will only eat purees.  Now these can be really expensive but they need to eat so in the past I have purchased them.  Lately though I just cant justify the cost.  So when I was at the supermarket last week and my boys were being a bit cranky I decided that I would make my own.  When the boys first started eating I made all their purees myself – it was super easy and it gave me something cooking wise to do and since I hadn’t cooked in such a long time it was a nice way to ease myself back in.

Ingredients –

* 1 kg pears (try not to use ones too firm)

* 120g spinach

* 500g broccoli (frozen or fresh)

Directions –

* Boil (or steam) your broccoli for the standard cooking time, strain but save some of the water.

* Optional – Steam or just pour boiling water over the spinach (I choose not to but I would recommend doing this for babies under 1)

* Peel, and take the core out of the pears, chopping into quarters.

* Place all ingredients in food processor (I had to do mine in two batches as it wouldn’t all fit)

* Blend, adding a few tablespoons of water at a time, until it becomes a smooth consistency

* Serve warm, or place in a bowl to cook down and serve at room temperature

I’m sure this recipe would be great for babies as well as toddlers.  For my toddlers I put this into my reusable food pouches, but if you were making it for babies I recommend freezing it into icecube trays or the small avent food containers so you can defrost in small portions.


There are also so many alternatives to this simple recipe – swap the ingredients around and use what you have or better yet what’s on special peas, beans, apples would be easy to swap in, or go for something completely different – sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot.  I like to add fruit (pear or apple) as it makes it sweeter but still healthy and it means my boys will definitely eat it.

If your on a budget I highly recommend making your own baby food – I worked out that this bulk recipe cost me $9 and would have made me 10 pouches that are each filled with just under 150ml.  The average pouch is 120g and retails for between $1.80 and $2.20.  Definitely a cost saver!!!


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