So I mentioned the other day that I was attending a seminar this week, actually I have been attending a few seminars lately and trying to learn lots.  I think I’m pretty lucky that most of them have been free.  I keep an eye on my local councils’ events page, as well as subscribe to my council run community centres newsletter and these have been an invaluable resource lately of what’s on in my local area.

I have also been keeping up to date with what else is happening around me.  I love where we live because I have the option of going in so many directions to some lovely areas, or just staying nearby where there is lots on offer.  Although no one seemed very happy when we moved here I still believe that it is the best move we ever made for my sanity and my lovely family.

I highly recommend checking out what is available in your local area as you’d be surprised at what is available.  Personally I have attend seminars recently on keeping chickens, growing and managing fruit trees, resilience in children; and I have signed up to attend two other seminars on children, and signed up for a course ‘Tuning into kids” at a small fee.  There is quite a wide range available, but these are what interest me in this stage of life.  There’s also lots for children, from babies all the way up, which I have attended in the past but haven’t had time for lately.

I have taken lots of notes which I hope to type up and file so I can refer to them in the future and find them easily (and understand them), but there currently aren’t enough hours in the day!!!  Some I hope to share on this blog as there have been some fantastic tips but we will see how far I get – I tend to come up with lots of ideas and get distracted by them and it takes me a while to get back to my original plans.

Anyway lots to do so I can head to my seminar tonight – fingers crossed I learn lots (and remember it all!).


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