Keeping toddlers entertained – our first attempt with crayons

Life with 16 month old twins can be very challenging!  My boys are polar opposites which at times is really great but at other times leaves me wanting to tear my own hair out.  At the moment their endless frustration and resulting tantrums (for want of a better word) are also very draining.

Although twins are an extremely rewarding experience and I love them more than anything, entertaining two children who at times have very different interests can be quite difficult.  I can only guess that it would be a similar situation with two children who are less than a year apart in age.  With children who are different ages you can set them up with age appropriate activities and the older they are, I hope, the less you need to help them with said activity (I could be completely wrong).

With all this in mind I have been trying to come up with activities that keep them both interested, that help them learn, and that are easy enough for them to do (and for me to manage).  Last week we did the water play.  So this week we made our first attempt at drawing, or should I say playing with crayons.  The crayons were a hit, they even managed to get some on the paper!!  Watching them use the crayons in completely different ways was really interesting.  One mostly banged, making small dots on the paper, between putting it in his mouth; while the other happily scribbled, between putting it in his mouth (hehe).


Their first scribbles

One of my boys also managed to draw on the wall – oops!  When it happened, I laughed and my husband yelled (it shows our different parenting styles but it also shows how different my two boys are, as the other didn’t even attempt to draw on the wall, even though his brother went to do it a second time).  I wasn’t overly worried as I figured I’d be able to get it off somehow and really if it came to it there’s still some paint in the shed and I could just repaint that spot.  I tried getting it off with a damp cloth, no luck.  But then I remembered I had a sample I had been holding onto since pre-children just for this very occasion (yes I like to keep things just in case!).  After a little searching I found it, a magic eraser, and it turns out it is pretty magic.  Slightly damp, less than a minute and the marks were gone.  Yippee.  Now its on my shopping list to buy (I googled it, yes they still make it).  A friend told me later the same day that toothpaste also gets crayon off the walls so I will try and keep that in mind.


The crayons were packed back into their box and will come out again soon but I’m slowly starting to get more of an idea of what they are capable of and what will entertain them (and for how long) which will make that last little stretch before a meal or a nap so much easier to deal with.  My list of activities in my head is slowly growing and I can’t wait to try lots of new things with my boys.  They are just growing up too fast!


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