Recipe – Tomato and chicken risotto

This is a fabulous winter warmer and always a hit when I’m a little down and great as leftovers for lunch.  If your like me and have a Breville rice cooker which has a risotto function then you can just set this and walk away, if not then grab a pot and get ready to do lots of stirring – trust me I used to do it that way and it is definitely worth it.

Ingredients –

* 2 cup Arborio rice

* 2 litres chicken stock

* 1 brown onion

* Butter – 2 knobs (you know a tablespoon or two)

* 1/4 cup white wine

* 1 tin diced or crushed tomatoes

* 1 chicken breast

* 1/2 lemon (or 1-2 tablespoons of the bottled lemon juice)

* handful grated parmesan cheese

Directions –

* Preheat oven to 180 degrees

* Butterfly chicken and put into a foil bag

* Place that into the oven and bake for 20 mins

* Meanwhile dice onion and fry off in a frypan or rice cooker (on the sauté option)

* Add in your rice and butter, and toss until all rice is coated in butter

* Add in white wine, and let it cook until all of it is absorbed into the rice (change rice cooker to risotto option)

* Add in the tin of tomatoes

* Then add in the chicken stock (if your doing it in a rice cooker then add in all the liquid, put the lid on and walk away) one ladel at a time, letting it absorb into the rice before adding the next one, making sure to continue to stir throughout.

* Do a taste test, sometimes you may need to add a little more chicken stock if it doesn’t seem to be cooked enough

* Take chicken out of the oven, open the foil bag (stand back there will be a lot of steam), and dice chicken into small pieces

* Once the risotto rice tastes cooked add in a knob of butter, a handful of grated parmesan cheese and the diced chicken.

* Once they have melted into the risotto squeeze half a lemon into the risotto and mix through.

* Serve with a bit more parmesan cheese on top and some cracked pepper.  YUM!

Note –

* The butter and parmesan cheese added towards the end adds a lovely creaminess to the risotto which just lifts it to another level

* An alternative that I do to this is to leave out the tomato and add in a bag of chopped spinach at the end with the chicken, the zest of the lemon and the whole of the lemons’ juice.  Yum, yum!


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