Meal planning for the week

Last weeks meal planning started out really well, but it didn’t quite go to plan.  Wednesday take out never happened as I got home too late, so I ended up having leftovers (saved money so I shouldn’t complain).  And Friday dinner never quite materialised, as by the time I got home and organised I just could not be bothered (oops!), the armchair was just too comfy!  So if your considering meal planning I say do it but know that if it doesn’t work out one week, try again the next week.  Meal planning can save you lots of money and it honestly does make you just a little less stressed if you are living on a tight budget.

We did a big meat shop during the week, and got some at great prices simply by buying in bulk – if you haven’t tried it, I really recommend it.  When you see something on special it is so handy to have a little fund of money to be able to just buy it and know that you can and that it will save you money off future food bills.  So this week I need to empty out my freezers a little as they are looking very, very full!!  My husband does eat our leftovers for dinners at work and also the occasional lunch so please rest assured it doesn’t just sit there.  Often my meal planning is just for me (chicken and rice and steak with vegetables are prime examples) or is something that I will feed the boys for lunch the next day and others are bulk cooks for all of us to enjoy over several meals.

Monday – Cabonara Fettucini (my yummy version!)

Tuesday – Steak with mash

Wednesday – Another week of my course, hopefully this week I will get my takeout treat!

Thursday – Chicken with rice

Friday – Beef ragout on pappardelle pasta (leftovers)

Saturday – Chicken fried rice

Sunday – The other half of our lamb roast with apple sauce


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