Toddler busy bag materials

So with toddler busy bags on my mind, last week I headed to my local shops to see what was available to turn what I was dreaming of into reality.  I already have lots of bits and pieces to use but I was looking for a few specifics for this and another idea I have, which I will share with you later.  So everything I bought came from either a $2 shop, the reject shop or Kmart (which now has a lot of great cheap crafty items!).  Most items will be used across a range of projects but there’s a couple that are great activities in themselves as below…


Couldn’t resist these – cute bags to colour in which we can they use to carry around other activities


Cute little puzzle erasers – great for my two boys who like chunky things they can turn over and look at from all sides


Zipper pencil cases – this pencil case is made entirely of zippers so is great for them to sit and play with quietly

Everything below is odds and ends that I will use to make up some other busy bags and some other projects for my boys at home.  Most of it only cost $2, which is great!!

IMAG4229  IMAG4231 IMAG4235 IMAG4230 IMAG4239


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