Keeping toddlers entertained – our first attempt with finger paint

So I had this brilliant idea the other day that I would get the paints out for a little project for the boys but since we hadn’t used paints before I thought we better give them a try first.  It was interesting.

First of all let me say I thought I was well prepared.  I set their little table up, stuck newspaper to it so they couldn’t paint it.  I got the boys in their art smocks, got some paper out and the paints.  Now what I didn’t think about was the fact that I didn’t have a paint tray.  Oops!  Thankfully I had yelled at my husband the day prior for throwing out a meatball tray I was keeping and made him get it back out and wash it.  It was perfect.


I put a small amount of paint into a few sections of the meatball tray

The other thing I guess I wasn’t really prepared for was just how much the boys would attempt to eat the paint.  Trying it once yes I completely understand, but by the 3rd or 4th time of one of the boys tasting the paint my husband was pretty annoyed.  I ended up giving them a foam paint brush each to play with as well.  The boys enjoyed dipping their fingers into the paints and eventually putting the paint onto the paper.  One of the twins got the idea of the paintbrush, the other wasn’t really interested.

Next time I will know to have a wet cloth on me to wipe hands as they attempted to grab me with paint.  The paint washed off them, their clothes and the chair very easily.


The boys art work!


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