Recipe – Cheap easiyo yoghurt

So my boys are in an awkward stage at the moment where they love finger food, and aren’t overly keen on being spoon fed by us anymore.  They are learning how to spoon feed themselves and it seems to be going quite well with breakfast cereal each morning but other meals can be incredibly difficult.  So I have been filling our reusable pouches with yoghurt, which they can they happily feed themselves.  Unfortunately yoghurt can be quite expensive, and even easiyo satchels are not that much more cost effective.  That is until I came across some recipes that meant I could make it much more cost effective, I played with a few and found that this has worked best for me.  This is the recipe I now use – it does require an easiyo yoghurt maker, which you can buy from most supermarkets or pick up fairly cheaply off ebay.


* 1 and 1/3 cups of powdered milk (full cream work best)

* 1/3 cup of white sugar (or else the yoghurt is too “tart”)

* 2 tablespoons of an Easiyo sachet.


* Put the ingredients into the Easiyo container and add in some water.

* Shake as per usual and then fill until the line and shake once more.

* Put into the Easiyo maker, filled with boiling water

* Leave to set for a minimum of 8hrs, overnight is better.

* Transfer straight to fridge.

* If you are using a plain yoghurt, after it has fridge set stir in some pureed fruit.



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