Budget gift idea from toddlers

So it was my mother in laws birthday the other day and I was completely stuck for gift ideas.  We weren’t giving her anything from us but I needed something from the boys that I could do on minimal funds.

I was chatting with one of my friends and she suggested this great idea, pot plants.  So the boys and I took a trip to our local hardware store, and picked a couple of terracotta pots and I let the boys choose a plant each.   Only cost me $6 for 2 pots and 2 plants, one from each of my twins.

potted plants

I took it all home, and I painted the outside of the terracotta pots white, as well as the inside rim and left it to dry overnight.  The next day I let the boys paint the pots with their fingers and brushes, we used finger paint, but next time I would use a standard paint as I felt the colours were a little washed out.

Once they had dried overnight, I put on some blue glitter glue – I found it easier to put on with my fingers rather than a brush, as the glitter was surprisingly hard to spread.  Once that was dry I put on a varnish – I just used what I had which was a matte varnish used for canvases.  Next time I would probably use a more appropriate sealer.


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