Meal planning this week

So last week there was no meal plan, which was nice to be honest, as I didn’t have to go to the supermarket to buy anything, I didn’t have to stress about cooking each day and it meant a few things got used up around the house.  My freezer is still pretty full so it’s going to be another week of no cooking in this house.  Well maybe a little bit of cooking!

My plan for this week is to make the following –

* Potato and leek soup (hubby lunch)

* Vegemite scrolls (boys lunch)

* Butterscotch rolls (for me to snack on)

* Mini cheesecakes (for me for dessert – I love cheesecake!!) or maybe jelly slice.

I already have all the necessary ingredients for these dishes, and have already stocked up on bread and milk today so I’m all set for the week ahead.  I’ve also got to make the boys some more snacks, apricot and coconut balls I think.

We have an average week ahead, with a few outings planned and for once a night out for me!  Yippee, it is actually just what I need.  Even better it is a baking class and I am very excited!!!!


My overstocked freezer!


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