The reality of having children

When my twins were first born it was hard.  Hard is such an understatement.  Everyone always tells you about how wonderful it is, this having kids business, but no one ever tells you how down right hard it is.  So here is your warning – you are in no way prepared to have children, no matter how much you prepare, at least I wasn’t!!!

Now that that’s out of the way.  Here’s the crazy part.  You forget just how hard it was.  In my mind I know it was unbelievably hard… I remember coming home from the hospital and my husband going back to work the next day.  I was home on my own for 12hours a day, 6 days a week with two newborns.  I remember waking every couple of hours for feeds, my husband helped with the night feeds, I honestly have no idea how he made it safely to and from work everyday, let alone worked!!  I remember crying, ALOT!  I remember making my husband promise me that he would take me to the local shops for a coffee so I could get out of the house once during the week.  And crying when he got stuck in traffic or had to work late.  But that’s all I remember.

The boys are now 16 months old and we want another child.  We’ve weighed up the options, we’ve talked it over and over and over, and we’ve looked at our finances.  And after all that we still want another baby, or two or three.

Before we ever got married we talked about what we wanted, we knew we both wanted several children.  What we never planned for was twins!  But that has not changed our desire for more children, and it does not change our plans for our family.  Neither does our lack of finances.  Money is one of those things, they say you can always make more of it, which in this economy is difficult so I’m not sure how much I agree.  What I can say though is that you learn to live within your means.  What we used to spend, compared to what we spend now is night and day.  We live on much lower finances but we survive.  We don’t spend money on ourselves but we still put a decent meal on the table everyday.  And having another baby just means we will tighten the belt a litter tighter and find more ways to save.  And that’s a sacrifice we are willing to make.

We have half the people we know saying we are nuts and the other half asking us when.  It’s funny how divided people are.  I’ve had all the tests and we are hopefully on the right track for another baby.  Our chances of twins again are 1 in 12.  It it’s twins, it’s twins, we’re ok with that.  It it’s a boy, the boy’s will have another playmate and if it’s a girl I will have a fabulous time shopping (second hand of course!).  Whatever happens we are ok with.  If it’s triplets or more I’ll probably freak out but it will be ok.


4 thoughts on “The reality of having children

    • One of our boys hit tantrums really early so we are use to them and they are now few and far between, but they are definitely not fun! You never know you make wake up one day and say yes we’re ready for another one.

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