Meal planning this week

So it’s been two weeks of pretty much no meal cooking or planning as we tried to use up some of the already cooked meals from our freezer. I completely failed on what I was suppose to make last week and instead made the boys Peach and coconut balls, a variation of this recipe, and Pear balls, a variation of this recipe.

Our freezer is still quite full, it seems like a bottomless pit at the moment but there is quite a lot of meat in there.  So my plan for this week is to do a few more things with what we have and try to keep avoiding the supermarket for anything other than bread and milk.  Our lack of supermarket shopping lately has meant that we’ve really been able to catch up on our bills which is honestly a big relief!

Monday – Pasta with Bolognese sauce

Tuesday – Chicken in balsamic vinegar, lemon and basil, recipe here

Wednesday – Last week of my course (yippee!), so something from the freezer

Thursday –  Steak with mashed potato

Friday – Tomato and Chicken Risotto, recipe here

Saturday – Take out pizza (yes we are on a budget but we do still do take out – it is possible!)

Sunday – Slow cooked beef with red wine and peppercorn sauce


Our last bulk meat shop


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