Recipe – Creamy Mango Puree / Ice Cream

So when the boys were little I made lots of puree for them and I would freeze it all into ice-cube trays and then transfer it to plastic snap lock bags. As they got older and started eating more I started freezing it into avent storage cups.

I came up with lots of recipes to try new flavours and this one puree I still use for the boys but now I make it as an ice cream. So I either freeze it into storage cups and we eat it with a spoon or I put it into icy pole containers. I know it’s not the right time of year for ice cream but with both my boys teething with their molars it is actually a perfect food to have for them as it numbs their whole mouth and besides its yum!

* 2 ripe mangos
* 2 bananas
* 1/4 cup plain yoghurt (or vanilla if you are making your own easi yo like us)

* Cut the mango into sections and scoop out the flesh
* Transfer to a food processor or blender
* Add in the bananas and yoghurt
* Puree / blend until smooth
* Transfer to containers
* Freeze overnight

If you have a baby you can still use this as a puree (from about 8 months is the recommendation), just spoon feed it to your baby or use a pouch (like we use the my lil pouch). Or you can freeze into ice cube trays and pull out the night before to defrost. You could also add cubes to smoothies with some milk. Yum!!



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