Stressed out!

Just a quick post today.  In the last week I have missed a few posts and I will probably miss a few more days of posting next week.  Honestly I have been very stressed out.  My little family unit has been under a lot of pressure for a variety of reasons and I have been working hard on finding the best way forward and making sure I look after the boys.

I feel under an enormous amount of pressure to make the right choices.  But really how do we know what the right choices are?  Life is about trying things and sometimes failing, and picking yourself back up and trying something else.  I’ve done it more times than I can count, but now that I have two little men to look after and guide I feel added pressure about making the “right choice.”  It’s a horrible feeling, particularly when we lack support.

So who do you turn to when life is hard?  Family?  Friends?  Your life partner?  All of those seem great but it’s not always easy to talk about the hard stuff.  And when things are not right with your partner it can be really difficult to keep it all together.  I don’t have the support around me or the people to talk to which compounds the stress that I feel.  Individual and/or family counselling can offer amazing support through hard times so I have taken steps to get support and I believe that’s a smart decision.  I know that it will take a while to work through how I feel and I will need to find some ways to release my stress but I have taken the first step and I know that the first step is generally the hardest.


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